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Business Management Made Easy

TIMEBOX is a business management platform with everything you need to manage your customers, projects and teams.

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All-in-one Platform

Core operational processes integrated in one single app with granular user permissions and access controls.


Intuitive and Easy to use

Designed by experienced business managers who understand how to effectively use software to support day-to-day activities to improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

Keep your customers information readily available and allow them to access and review their projects.


Setup, monitor and control different project types: hourly-based, retainer-based, fixed-price, time and materials, and access realtime project dashboards.


Keep track of hourly rates, capacity and project assigments of employees and contractors.


Capture time logs in real-time and generate reports to understand where time is spent on and assess team performance.


Bill your customers with ease, setup auto-reminders and get paid!


Plans and Features

We have a plan that fits your needs: Simple, flexible, no surprises.

An Investment that Keeps Giving Back.




Contact Sales

Send Unlimited Invoices to up to 10 Clients

Track Unlimited Expenses

Send Unlimited Estimates

Get Paid With Credit Cards and Bank Transfer

Access From Anywhere on iOS and Android

Set Up Recurring Bills and Client Retainers

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Contact Sales

Plan S plus:

Send Unlimited Invoices to up to 75 Clients

Automatically Track Expenses

Automatically Capture Receipt Data

Send Unlimited Estimates and Proposals

Run Business Health Reports

Run Financial and Accounting Reports

Invite Your Accountant

Customize Email Templates With Dynamic Fields



Businesses With Contractors

Contact Sales

Plan M plus:

Send Unlimited Invoices to an Unlimited

Amount of Clients

Track Bills, Bill Payments & Vendors With Accounts Payable

Track Project Profitability

Customize Email Signatures

Automatically Capture Bills and Receipt Data

Automatically Send Late Payment Reminders and Bill Late Fees

Get Paid With Checkout Links

Help Migrating From Other Software



Businesses With Employees

Contact Sales

Plan L plus:

Send Unlimited Invoices to an Unlimited

Amount of Clients

Access to Lower Credit Card Transaction Fees and Capped Bank Transfer (ACH) Fees

Get a Dedicated Account Manager

Get Up and Running With Custom Onboarding Services

Remove FreshBooks Branding From Client Emails

Securely Accept Credit Card Payments

Instantly Capture Every Line Item on Bills